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Emerging Companies' General Counsel

US-Korea Business Transaction

  • Documenting and negotiating business transaction contracts

  • Providing legal advice on the cross-border business transaction including investment

Post-establishment Services for Emerging Companies

  • Providing a full range of services on the legal issues arising in the post-establishment operation of business, including additional capitalization, debenture issuances and commercial agreements relating to real estate sale or lease, outsourcing, licensing, manufacturing, distribution and franchising

  • Offering comprehensive, business-minded counsel to emerging companies and entrepreneurs across all industries and stages of development, including: advising on organizational matters, including entity selection, organizational documents, ownership and capital structure, and compensation and option plans 

  • Serving as an outside general counsel, assisting with corporate governance, securities regulation, day-to-day business issues, labor and employment issues, litigation, protection and commercialization of intellectual property, and the development and implementation of legal and business strategies

  • Assisting with the identification, analysis and implementation of financing strategies, including angel financing, venture capital, private placements and public offerings

  • Planning for and examination and execution of exit strategies whether by merger, acquisition or public offering

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